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Naz embraces his wife Hope at his Homecoming Celebration on Feb. 8, 2012 after 10 months of being apart.

Check out KWTX’s excellent coverage of the good news!!

WACO (February 8, 2012)—A Waco woman’s fight to keep federal immigration officials from deporting her husband is over and Nazry and Hope Mustakim are together again after nearly 10 months of separation. Nazry Mustakim was released Tuesday night from the Pearsall Detention Center and was reunited with his wife. His green card was reinstated and he plans to apply for full citizenship.

That’s the outcome for which Hope Mustakim was hoping when she launched a one-woman campaign earlier this year to raise money to pay for a lawyer for her husband whom Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents detained on March 30. Nazry Mustakim’s green card was revoked and he was told he would be deported because of a drug conviction.

Mustakim moved with his family to the U.S. from his native Singapore in 1992 and was living in the U.S. legally when he was convicted in 2007 of felony drug possession in Cooke County. In a plea bargain deal with prosecutors, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years probation. Mustakim said he was never told that accepting the plea deal would compromise his residency in the U.S. Two years after he entered the plea, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that lawyers are legally obligated to inform clients of the possibility of deportation after pleading in a criminal case.

[Prior to the plea deal], Mustakim headed to Mission Waco’s Manna House for treatment of his drug addiction and turned his life around, sobering up and beginning to build a life in Waco. He went to work for Mission Waco, where he met Hope in 2009. The two were married on July 31, 2010.

With a new house, three dogs and a close-knit community of friends and family, the couple had plans for a long future in Waco, but those were put on hold while Hope waged her campaign to win her husband’s release. She gathered hundreds of testimonials and worked to an immigration lawyer to get the original charges dropped and the deportation canceled.

During a hearing Tuesday, Mustakim was granted a waiver canceling the deportation.
“We are DONE!” Hope posted on a website created in support of efforts to win her husband’s release. “I am picking him up as soon as they release him this afternoon,” she wrote.

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