8 pm- Naz called from STDC! No bond set, yet.

No bond has been set, and some fellow detainees at the detention complex have advised him to get an attorney ASAP. I will be working on this tomorrow. Thanks for all the info everyone is forwarding to me!

3/31/2011, Bond Party planned for 7pm tomorrow night! Friday, 4/1/2011
Email me and I will reply with our home address.
*we will have on-site silk screening. bring a t-shirt (we’ll have some here too to purchase) and we’ll print “FREE NAZ” on your shirt! donations will be accepted.
*would anyone like to bring food/drinks?
*we will brainstorm ways to fundraise and get our minds together on how to deal with this legal process/work our way through this. Like who we should call, what info we need to get together for his defense, etc.
*bring anything you’d like to sell/auction for Naz’s bond fund. Baked goods, paintings, art prints, clothing, accessories, music- whatever!!
We ABSOLUTELY love you all. message/comment me and let me know you’re coming.

3/31/2011 – 8:00 am Call from Naz at the South Texas Detention Complex
Naz was able to finally call me around 8am this morning. The last time we spoke was 8:30am yesterday. He is waiting for his bond hearing, and I am growing a little discouraged that it will not happen today. We were told that his bond would be set in Waco, yesterday morning. Now the story has changed yet again. Pray with us!

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