7:30 pm, 10:20 pm- Bond Party was a success!
Naz called tonight during the party. He sends his gratitude and love to all of you. The “bond party” was a success! Here is a link to the notes we took during the brainstorming session.
Brainstorming Session 1

Naz is encouraged by the support!! He feels God moving and stirring things up for something BIG, as we all do!
Regarding bail- Naz said that he found a paper that says the officers meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays to discuss bond- which may explain why he hasn’t had a bond hearing yet! He’d just got processed into the detention complex Thursday morning, so they didn’t immediately handle his case, for some reason. But I’m believing in faith they will do it Tuesday. :)
Naz needs to come home, to work. His employer is concerned that he will not be able to work once he bonds out since his green card is revoked. However, an ICE agent at the Waco office told him that he will get his green card back when he bails out. I will be meeting with an attorney this week so we will discuss that, I’m sure! Naz is a team leader for a new product at his company, and they need him there answering those tech support calls. It is a new contract that came at the perfect time for us. Naz was working the night shift at the homeless shelter, and we’d just purchased our home in North Waco. We needed more income, and also for him to be at home with me at night. This job has been an answer to fervent prayer. So let’s keep praying that someone may be able to fill in for him while he’s detained, and that the employer remembers his value as an employee and a part of their work community. I don’t even want to go into details about what would happen if he loses this job…
Thank you for everyone who came out tonight and who is committed to seeing this through. We are world changers!! FREE NAZ!! 😀
Much love,

9 am- Naz called from STDC. Bond still has not been set.
I called the I.C.E. office at 12 pm and left a message. I wanted to inquire about his bond and maybe get some movement. They’re probably at lunch? :) Naz wants to send his thanks to you all. He is humbled by all of the support and love. He is encouraged that God is doing something big through this. Maybe this could bring some attention to the reform that needs to happen in our Immigration system. Who knows? We are simply tools in the hand of a good God.
Naz was excited to tell me that he found a spanish/english new testament bible in his cell. He laughed about the fact that he never really paid attention to me when I tried teaching him spanish and how he wish he would’ve! All the guards and most of the detainees speak in spanish. He had to ask me how to say “sixty” in spanish. That is his bunk number, and they were calling for people with medical needs. Naz is one of them- He’s always had incredibly high blood pressure, but he just always blew it off as nothing. I often insisted he should see a doctor; well now he has! The nurses were frightened by his blood pressure and told him they’d check on him again today. They’ll probably give him meds- hallelujah!
Keep us in prayer and we will also be praying for all of you who are being touched by this. We pray it stirs you in places that have been dormant in your life- for us, it was the issue of immigration; we never were personally touched by it in a negative way so it didn’t spike our attention. Well, now it has. And we understand why- God loves the alien just as much as He loves us. And we are being prompted to advocate on their behalf. We prayed together before getting off the phone. We are encouraged.
Be blessed,

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