8 pm- Our story made the front page!

[Check the “Media” tab for a link to the article.]

Tommy Witherspoon from the Waco Tribune-Herald did a wonderful job on the article. We did not want to attack ICE or DHS in the article, or sound victimized. The situation is what it is. It’s unfortunate but we know our God is bigger and is moving in this. We’re waiting for our miracle. :) He loves us so much and nothing is out of his sight. He holds in the palm of his hand and he is big enough to handle anything we face. He even allows us to face trials to build our character and deepen our trust in Him, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

On another note, KWTX is considering making our story a “feature story” in May. The month of May is when they are able to do longer, more in-depth stories, instead of the usual 1-minute coverage. They’ll promote it, to build up the audience’s interest before it airs. Allison Ignacio, from KWTX, thinks that the story is so compelling that it deserves more in-depth coverage. I agree! :)

Well, the “I believe in a changed life” bracelets are done! I’m expecting them in this week. Get ready to rock them out in 2 fantastic colors and support Naz in the process!

Our attorney will be meeting with Naz for the first time tomorrow in Pearsall at the detention center to get some more details and explain how this is all going to pan out (or at least, how we hope it does!) Naz is excited to get a visitor. I was not able to visit this weekend but I plan to next weekend. It is hard, though, to get straight answers from STDC on their visitation rules. They rush me off the phone every time I call. All I’ve gathered so far is that visitations are from 7-6 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for ONE HOUR. ughhh. Naz said 2 people can go in at one time. He does not know if there is a limit to how many visitors go each weekend or day. I guess I’ll be calling them back tomorrow!

The wrist bands have been finished and are being shipped out soon. I expect to get this by the end of this week. Yay!!

Thank you so much for your donations, prayers, hugs, food, and more!! You all have been so wonderful. We truly feel God’s love being lavished out on us by the incredible, tangible support you are providing. We pray you are blessed beyond measure for all you have done and continue to do.

Much LOVE,

Hope (and Naz)

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