So the common question is, “what’s the status?”
Well here’s the thing- that’s a very elusive answer.
First, we are waiting for his attorney to submit his application for Asylum at his next hearing. She was supposed to do that last week, but she didn’t visit Naz to have him SIGN the paperwork the week before, unfortunately.
So the judge postponed it another week and the attorney told Naz she would come THIS week to pick up his affidavit that he typed, (she hasn’t come yet). :( I haven’t spoken to Naz yet today but I pray she showed up, that way they can move forward as planned on Monday. It’s already been postponed a week longer than necessary, so let’s just pray for Monday!
Once the application for asylum is turned in, the app for Humanitarian parole can be submitted simultaneously. Once that is in, the judge has 5-10 days to decide to let him home or not. (Ahh! So excited!)
So as you see, it’s all just a waiting game.
Thank you for your continued support! This is the toughest time- when everything slows down, the initial excitement and hype has subsided, and we push through to victory. Keep us in your prayers. It’s tough, tougher than ever. But of course: with God, all things are possible.

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