4am- New site launched!

Good morning everyone! For me, it hasn’t yet been good night! I am excited about the new site. It allows more flexibility, but it took some time to learn. :) Here’s the update on Naz:

He is not eligible for bail, but his attorney is applying for something called humanitarian parole due to his high blood pressure and also because of the “hardship” I will face with him being in detention. If he is granted parole, he will be able to come home until his hearing, which will be sometime in 2012 or 2013. If he is not granted parole, then his hearing will be within the next 2 months.

His attorney has visited him twice and they are filling out the necessary paperwork to try every route to get him out and to get the case dropped. Keep praying for the Lord’s extraordinary favor! I have not yet visited him in Pearsall but I plan to this weekend. His visitation hours vary weekly, so make sure to verify with South Texas Detention Complex what his visitation hours are before you make the drive down there. Everyone is given one hour with him, no matter how far they’ve driven. Bummer!

Naz applied for a job in the kitchen and he got it! He was so excited. He makes $3 /day that he can use in the commissary. He is most excited about the fact that he gets to fix his own plate after they serve the other 1900 detainees, and he piles it on high!

Naz is requesting letters from whoever is willing to write. It is quite boring in detention, and it is not healthy for a recovering addict to have an idle mind. He sleeps often, reads the Bible a lot, prays, plays basketball and eats. However, reading and writing letters is his favorite thing to do. So please, take a moment to write a quick note of encouragement. His address is located in the “Mail” tab above. The loneliness is growing in both our hearts, so we also ask that you keep us in your prayers. Though the initial hype may die down, this is still very real and very painful for us. Thank you SO much for your continued support!!

Much LOVE and gratitude,


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  1. Kristie says:

    I think your hubs will be impressed with the web design you got going on! Great work.

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