Today we made it over the $3500 lump! Well on our way to $10k! Thanks so much to all you wonderful people who have contributed in any way. Did you know: it costs $90 in gas every time I want to visit Naz and $3.50 for every 20-minute call we have? Just wanted you to know that your donations truly are so helpful and so meaningful. :)

We have sold all but 78 of the wrist bands. Get yours now! I’ll be making more t-shirts this week. We’ll have all different colors and sizes!

Highlight: I visited Naz this past Sunday. It was painful. Period. But I could feel something deeper happening- within our marriage and our hearts. We are being completely vulnerable with each other, and totally relying on the Lord to keep us strong. We are learning what it means to be One in spirit (we’ve often prayed that God would make us more unified and knit our souls together. Well here we go!)
For logistics- once you get into the STDC facility, be prepared to wait almost an hour to actually sign in and then another hour in the waiting area to see him. Honestly, I was having an anxiety attack but I just kept praying and practicing my breathing. “inhale peace, love, and hope, exhale fear, anger, and resentment.” It helped tremendously.
We cried together ALOT. I basically collapsed into the chair (well, metal stool) when I saw him and my head fell onto my arms and I just wept. I looked up and he was sobbing too. But in a very special way, it felt refreshing to cry WITH him. But that dang glass in between us was the hardest part. They treat inmates in a minimum-security detention center like caged animals. No contact visits, for spouses or children. How messed up is that?
(Inhale..Exhale.. Lol)
Well off I go to class. thank you all for your hugs, prayers, donations, and cookies!!
Much LOVE,

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