Easter Visit

So Saturday night, I was on my way to see Naz, and it seemed that “someone” didn’t want me to go! As I was leaving Life Church, I turned my car on to find it totally dead. I didn’t let it phase me- I jump-started that baby and was on my way. Then I got the bright idea to turn the car off at the red light to see if it still worked with my Intelligence Key (the key doesn’t actually have to be IN the ignition.) Well, the car died again. Thankfully, behind me were Brett and Emily Mills- two of my favorite people! They jumped my car and we chatted briefly; I drove on home to pack for my trip. I decided I was going to take Naz’s car to San Antonio- I cranked up HIS car…dead, too! So praise God, immediately after I posted a status on FB that I needed a car to drive to S.A., a sweet friend offered her car! Man, what a blessing! So I eventually got there at 2am and slept really well at a friend’s house. I left S.A. at 8am and made it to STDC at 9:30am, thinking I would be early so that I could see Naz promptly at 10am. HAHA. Since Naz’s visits aren’t until 10am (some visits begin at 8), I wasn’t even permitted to get in line. I didn’t step into line until 9:50am, reached the counter at 10:30am, and saw Naz at 11:05am.

After ALL that, we had a great visit- lots of laughs (some Nacho Libre always helps) and no tears (until I was walking away from STDC to my car, of course!) Before leaving S.A., I visited with an army family who heard our story and wanted to spend time together. They were lots of fun to talk to, and they prayed for us before I left. Precious new friends! I got home safe around midnight and spent the night with the Farris’s. Monday was a holiday at school, so I spent time dealing with paperwork for Naz’s case and getting the home in working order.

It’s been a trying weekend, but an overall victorious one. I’m so glad the Lord planted each individual person and family specifically in our lives. God really proves over and over again how sovereign He is and how much he loves us!
Thanks to a sweet classmate who was touched by our story, Common Grounds is going to allow us to hold a fundraiser concert there. I’m thinking next Friday, May 6, before everyone leaves campus for the summer. Brett and Emily Mills will be performing, and I’m looking for more musicians, if you’d like to refer them to me! I’ll see what the details are, and will keep everyone posted.

Naz and I are so moved by everyone’s willingness to help! Man, the “church” and community that we’ve come to know and love has really stepped it up in being the tangible hands and feet of Jesus in this tough time. What would otherwise be a dark and hopeless situation has been so full of love and encouragement and just victory.

Much LOVE,
Hope and Naz

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