12pm – first meeting with an attorney

Just met with a wonderful Waco attorney. This case isn’t something she specializes in, so she is getting me contact info for attorneys who could 1) try to get Naz a bond hearing (which is a LONG shot due to his conviction) and 2) get his criminal case vacated due to the fact that neither his attorney nor the judge warned him that pleading guilty meant being deported. (research Supreme court case Padilla vs Kentucky for more info). Letter writing and character testimonies will be beneficial in THIS case, rather than the case with Immigration. They’ll basically reopen his criminal case in Cooke county and he’ll re-plead to a lesser charge. That judge who handles the re-opened case will be the one who will consider his rehabilitation and moral character. Naz is not excited about reopening this case, and there’s something inside him that wants to just handle this with Immigration at his future hearing.

We will still be selling tshirts and bracelets and doing other fundraisers for his bond, because from what our attorney says, IF he gets a bond it’ll be near $10,000. If he doesn’t get a bond, he’ll be sitting in detainment til his hearing, I’ll have to quit school and work full time, and we’ll lose our house, (there goes our excellent credit), etc etc. So we’re praying for great attorneys and the favor of the Lord, and favor with the judge that will handle the reopened case in Cooke county (near Dallas).
Thank you for ALL the prayers!!
“I BELIEVE in a changed life…FREE NAZ!!”
Much love,

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