10pm – we’ve found an attorney

So it’s official- we’ve got our attorney… Well almost! Lol. Now we know what figures we’re working with. We have 3 ways of going about this and we’re gonna try all 3! It’s $1,500 to hire him to represent Naz in immigration court, $2,500 to reopen his case in Cooke county to get his criminal charge reduced or vacated, a couple more thousand to file for asylum if necessary- basically $10,000 total. We can do this!! We’ve already raised enough to hire the attorney, and almost enough to reopen the criminal case- let’s keep it up! Naz is worth it!! :-)

Today I met with the Waco Tribune-Herald. Tommy Witherspoon interviewed me, and he was a pleasure to spend time with. I even got to take a photo! Fun! I loved sharing me and Naz’s story, and moreso, bringing glory to what God’s done in Naz’s life. Looking forward to hearing about lives being touched through this article and praying for some donations to come our way. This is positive reinforcement at its finest- let’s show our community that when you work hard to better yourself, there will be people rallying behind you to see you succeed.

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