$735 sitting in a box

So listen.
I have 39 incredibly soft, good-looking t-shirts sitting in a box that were made for you. Yes, you right there, reading this now. Unless you have already experienced this t-shirt goodness and own a FREE NAZ shirt or two, then this message is most definitely for you.

These shirts are multi-functional:
1. They spread awareness for the systemic injustices that entangle good people like our dear Naz
2. They show your support for a radically changed life
3. They help me pay the big fancy guy with the skills to get him home!!

So here’s the idea: you sacrifice a little sunthin’ (maybe two of those venti starbucks frapps you love to indulge in, or a couple packs of those cancer sticks) in the name of LOVE for your brother Naz? Like I said, these were made for you. They don’t do anyone any good looking pretty in my bedroom. That’s a $500 investment staring me in the face!

Check below to see what I’ve got left. Get a couple, you won’t regret it. These bad boys will steal your heart the minute they touch your skin. You’ll want to wear one every day [like I do].


See you soon in Pearsall. Much LOVE!

8 medium v-neck
4 large v-neck
6 xlarge v-neck

0 small v-neck SOLD OUT
8 medium v-neck
1 large v-neck
4 xlarge v-neck
6 2X crewneck
2 3X crewneck

I Believe in a Changed Life!

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