The Couple

P6136626-300x225Naz and I met in the summer of 2009 (this is the first photo of us taken together, to the left). From the beginning, I was so impressed with his giving spirit, the gratitude he carried, and the kindness he extended to those that our culture considers “the least of these.”


We were married on July 31, 2010. Click here to see our short wedding video! We purchased our first home in November, choosing to live in one of the most dangerous and impoverished neighborhoods in Waco because we have a burden for this community and want to be part of its renewal and redevelopment.

We are members at Church Under the Bridge and also Life Church Waco. Naz is part of a 12-step program where he actively works the program, pursuing freedom and recovery, sharing the message of hope, and holding several service positions in the fellowship. We also planned to kick off Celebrate Recovery meetings in our home in April, as a ministry of Life Church, but that has been postponed due to Nazry’s detainment.

As you can see, Nazry is passionate about people, recovery, God, and life. We would really appreciate your prayers right now. We don’t know what the point of all this is, we just trust that God has a hand in it all.

Naz and fellow Ark community members spending time in worship

Naz and other church members on Galveston Mission Trip ’09







Nazry and I have SUCH a heart for Waco and honestly feel it our vocation to be part of the growth that is happening here. You’ll often hear us say, “we’re committed to Waco.”

However…we also know that God is in control of our lives and we are open to whatever he wants to do, change, and shift around. We have dreamed of “one day” spending some time in Singapore to share the Love and Good News. But at this time Naz does not have a place to return to in Singapore, because of the conflict that his conversion [to Christianity] has caused. His family is deeply rooted in their Muslim religion and culture, and we are praying for reconciliation and acceptance.

Nazry absolutely loves God and longs to see his ‘people’ come to know Jesus as well. He’s been clean for 6 wonderful years and this has just blind-sided us, but we know it will be used for good. God has something in store for us in and through this.

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  1. Sandra Woods says:

    I will pray for you both. Our God is good, and will work out every situation for good for those who love Him and called to His purpose. Peace to both of you…………….

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