An Update Long Overdue!

Immigration Policy Change, Naz’s NEW court date, Final Hearing at Pearsall, RT News, Huffington Post, oh my!

-First, Policy Change:

Many of you have asked me how the new policy change announced by President Obama will affect Naz’s case. (Thank you for your concern!)

Here is our attorney’s response:

“I called the Office of the Chief Counsel directly and they have advised me that they are reviewing cases on a “case by case basis” and that all requests for review be made in writing directed to their office.
Then, a duty attorney will review the case, speak to the Chief Deputy Counsel, and the arresting agent and if all 3 are in agreement, present it to their supervisor who will then decide if they will say yes or no.
This doesn’t mean that they will forever get to stay here and not be put in proceedings again at a later date, rather, for now, they will remain in a gray area but at least their case will not be immediately before the court.
I feel strongly about writing a request for Naz. I’d like to use letters that you’ve given us already that we submitted with the parole request, and the CD/DVD of live testimony but was wondering if you could give us a couple more letters and/or another statement from you asking that they exercise their prosecutorial discretion.”

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you’d like to write a new/updated letter or haven’t written one yet, please DO! You can basically use the same format as before, except leave out the part about ensuring Naz’s attendance of future court dates. You can still state how you know Naz/how long you’ve known him, that he is not a threat to society but that he is an ASSET. Ask that they exercise prosecutorial discretion and allow Naz to stay here with all of us. Include personal interaction and influence by Naz and why you believe he should be allowed to continue in this new life he has been blessed with. For those with writer’s block: you can state that he has really made the most of his new life after treatment. He has had 5 flawless years on probation, graduated college, got married, bought a house, sponsors several other recovering addicts, participates in several service projects each month, is an active member of 2 church fellowships, etc. Write with your heart and it’ll be great!! Here is the address to send your new letter to:

Law Offices of Pascual Madrigal
9504 N IH 35, Ste. 316
San Antonio, TX 78233

-Second order of business: Naz’s NEW court date in Cooke County

Our attorney filed Naz’s writ in Cooke County to revisit his original felony case and actually just got a setting for October 3, 2011 at 9:00 a.m! Cooke County has asked if we would like Naz to be transferred from STDC to Cooke County jail for the Writ hearing. Our attorney thinks it may be a good idea in case they want to hear from Naz directly. If he isn’t transferred then they will only have his affidavit to rely on – which isn’t much compared to him actually testifying live. The only con is that the writ hearing is only a few days prior to his deportation final hearing (Oct. 6!) and he may not make it back to STDC in time, in which case his individual hearing would have to be rescheduled to a later date (probably 3-6 months later).

Our goal is to set aside (or vacate) the criminal conviction in hopes that he can fight it again from the beginning or maybe they will dismiss it, or if he does have to fight it from the very beginning, then he can negotiate a plea agreement for something that will not affect his immigration status so severely. Therefore, it is worth the risk. We will continue to pray that simply the Lord’s will would prevail.

-Third, Pearsall hearing (and wonderful, inexpensive overnight accommodations!)

Our friends from Hope Fellowship have informed me that there are some sleeping accommodations available for those of us who plan to spend the night before Naz’s hearing in San Antonio. It is clean, nice, and only $15/night! Let me know ASAP if you plan to spend Wednesday night, October 8th, in San Antonio, to attend Naz’s hearing in Pearsall at noon on Thursday.

-Fourth, media!

A. Ramon Galindo, a reporter from RT (the second most-watched foreign news channel in the United States) interviewed me a few weeks ago for a news story on Naz’s detention at STDC. The story was supposed to air today at 3pm central, but was pushed back to tomorrow (tentatively) due to the east coast earthquake and war in Libya, understandably so! Here is the direct link to the live news feed. Click on it and you will be taken to the live news channel.

B. Rachel Johnson, writer for the Religion section of the Huffington Post, didn’t feel like the initial Huffpost article was able to fully capture Naz’s story of radical redemption and transformation, so she wrote another piece specifically for that purpose. She submitted it Friday and will inform me when it posts, and I will share it ASAP! Exciting, right? 😀

Thanks for all of your prayers, love, and support.
Hope (and Naz!)


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