This Weekend

I saw my sweet husband Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. What a blessing! We laughed, cried, prayed… We thought of how special it would be to spend our first anniversary together. Some way, somehow– we know this mountain can be moved. I wonder how many people celebrate their first wedding anniversary together without even realizing what a gift it is? How about their 15th anniversary? Sometimes even dreading it, or fighting over what restaurant to go to! LOL. What we would do just to be able to share a ham sandwich together. :)

Anyhow, we are so full of gratitude for our friends (new and old) and our family (natural and spiritual).

We’ve truly seen the love of God poured out to us through you in these hard times. Thank you deeply to everyone who’s written a support letter, bought a t-shirt, signed the petition, cut our grass, helped clean our home, fed our dogs, spent the night with me, wrote a blog, offered a hug, prayed for and with us, gave financial support, traveled to visit Naz, opened your home to me, sported a bracelet, shared our story, voiced your support, emailed our congressman, wrote to Naz, mailed me a lavender care package, took pictures at our fundraiser, covered our story in the news, sent an encouraging card, and ALL of the other wonderful ways you’ve blessed us.

Our God is real, alive, and cares deeply for His children. Thank you for being a constant reminder of that.
We LOVE you.

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