Here we go…

Monica told Ms. Warder that Naz was going to accept the offer, even though we’re still praying for her to have a change of heart and see that it makes more sense to keep him on probation like he has been successfully fulfilling for 5 years (and clean from drugs/alcohol for nearly 7 years!)

DA Warder said that tomorrow, she will issue a bench warrant to have Naz transferred to Cooke County.

Monica had sent her a packet of Naz’s support letters and other supporting documents and Ms. warder said she received it but hadn’t really looked through it because she’s working on another urgent case. We’re praying that she could just take a few moments to really read the words that people poured out. Naz even wrote her a letter, too. It was a great one :) He read his letter to me and it’s really sincere and moving.

Whatever happens, we are grateful that the door has even been opened for us to potentially stay in the States for however long God wants us here. We won’t be forced out. Although it is not guaranteed, several immigration attorneys have encouraged me that Naz will most definitely be granted “cancellation of removal.” When he signs the new plea bargain, his felony is no longer considered an “aggravated felony.” Once he completes his time in prison (or gets out on parole), he will go back into Immigration custody and will be eligible to apply for cancellation and proceed with that process (which will likely take a few months, max).
Thank God, we will not be separated from our families. We will be able to fulfill what we feel God has called us to- to be part of the restoration and revival of Waco, Tx :) Although these next 4- 16 months will not be easy, we are grateful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and God will have the glory. The celebration party will be out of this world đŸ˜€

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers, your financial and emotional support, and your hugs and your time.

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  1. Warner says:

    This is good news baby, Daddy loves you two. I hope to see my son-in-law soon.

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