At Naz’s Master Hearing yesterday, the prosecutor just decided to GRANT him the waiver to cancel his deportation just then and there! No future hearing, nothing. We are DONE! I am picking him up as soon as they release him this afternoon.

Check out the EVENTS tab for details on a Surprise WELCOME HOME party!

Will update you all soon with more details. Just know that this is a miracle- this doesn’t just happen. His final hearing was supposed to be in March; this is just insanely amazing! I can hardly believe it that the book has been closed on this. We’re done.

But then again….we’re not.

For Naz and I, our involvement in immigration reform is far from over. The heaviest tears we’ve cried during the past 10 months have been for the men [and women] in the detention centers who were so scared and confused, without a network of support to sustain them like Naz. They are sweet, hard-working, generous individuals. Dads, husbands, brothers…These are people, warm- blooded humans, children of God. And we refuse to settle back into “life “and forget about them. But honestly, we never could.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from us in regards to family unity and immigration reform. Please realize that the pain we experienced, the injustices in the criminal/immigration system, and the potential for miracles is not unique to just our situation- there are many, many more “Naz and Hope” stories out there.
We love you and pray that you continue to be a part of the solution– a voice.


PS. check back for more photos from our “reunion” today!

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