Naz Serving in Waco

Naz featured in Waco news over the past years:

Baylor Lariat 7/23/09: This is the story that the Baylor Lariat did on Sept. 23, 2009 regarding Mission Waco’s Walk for the Homeless. Nazry was a part of this campaign, as he is every year. Naz is quoted in the article:

For Nazry Mustakim, a night monitor at My Brother’s Keeper Homeless Shelter, the walk reminds him what it was like to fight his own battle with homelessness.
“It brings me back to the time I was homeless and makes me grateful for what God has provided me,’ Mustakim said. ‘But I still can’t forget where I came from.”

Baylor Lariat 10/10/08: Naz was quoted again in this article about Church Under the Bridge’s unique way of bridging the gap between the less fortunate and the privileged.

The people who assemble every Sunday under the highway have found a transforming and nurturing environment where they can come to worship without fear of condemnation. Some have even found a family among these outcasts.

“I came here in 2006,” said Naz Mustakim, a student at Texas State Technical College. “I was addicted to drugs and they helped me get clean. Now I participate in recovery meetings. It helps to be able to connect with people who have the same problems. This church has been like a family to me.”

Naz praying for the recovery meeting at Church Under the Bridge


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