Shiwei is FREE!

Praise report!! Several of you may have heard Naz and I share about our friend Shiwei who has been in detention since Naz was there. He was the friend that we returned to visit in Pearsall on our 2nd anniversary. Shiwei is from China and was seeking asylum in the US, fleeing intense political persecution. We were often saddened by the lack of justice in this man’s case (but not surprised); most of the time, the court translator and he could not even communicate well (not a great translator), and the attorneys he tried to hire would never show to court, or they’d give up on his case. His immigration case looked hopeless, because he couldn’t possibly furnish the “proof” the immigration courts wanted, to validate his credible fear of returning to China; he had been blacklisted and no one there, not even family, can communicate with him. In detention he had no access to the internet also. We kept writing him and praying. We believed that if God intervened on Naz’s behalf, He’d do so for our sweet friend as well. Today we received a phone call from a very happy Shiwei! He is FREE, and has been granted a work permit! Because of his limited english skills, we couldn’t understand whether or not he was granted an LPR status or temporary visa, but PRAISE GOD he is not being detained in that prison any longer! He fled to the US seeking safety and refuge, and the Lord has provided. He can start a new life here, and I pray that in Naz and I, he has witnessed the love of Christ. Please continue to pray for God’s hand on Shiwei’s life, as he seeks a place to live and work in Houston (he hears there’s much work opportunity there for someone with an I.T. background/education). :)

UPDATE 9/21/13:


What a happy feeling it is to see this precious friend in the city, rather than on the opposite side of a plexiglass window. Naz met Shiwei in detention, while he was waiting for the final result of his application for asylum, as a political refugee from China. Caught up in the #brokenimmigrationsystem, detained for 14 months – locked up like a dangerous criminal- after already enduring so much hardship; our hearts broke for Shiwei as we visited him together at the South Texas Detention Complex on our anniversary (5 months after Naz was released). We were discouraged by the injustices we saw in his case, but we just kept believing for God to rescue Shiwei as He did for Naz. We visited him again 5 months later with a Chinese-speaking friend studying Law at Yale, and 2 months later, he was finally granted asylum! Seeing him tonight reminded me — never stop believing in the power of prayer and faith. Never stop fighting for what is just and what you believe in. Never underestimate the power of a people united, with a collective vision, purpose, passion, and voice

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