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I guess no news is good news, right?

We expected a response from ICE today. However, our attorney’s assistant updated me this afternoon: “Just called FOD’s (field office director) secretary, said today is deadline for officer response to mgmt, could take 1-2 days for FOD to get response.”

So, that means 1-2 more days that we can PRAY for God’s favor on Naz’s application! 😀 On the bright side, it wasn’t a swift “no!” lol

Well, we all know that God has His hand in all this, and it’s all been for a bigger purpose. We’re already seeing the fruit of this (read on for more exciting news!)

Cedarville University in central Ohio is hosting a conference for student leaders from October 20-22 focused on viewing immigration from a biblical perspective. They have the backing of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (of which Baylor is an affiliate member) as well as the National Association of Evangelicals, so they’re hoping for a large turn-out of students from across the country.

(You can read the blog about the conference, and also a post from Carl Ruby, the Cedarville VP who has helped to launch the conference).

The conference planners have been encouraged to include the stories and testimonies of folks who are themselves affected by our broken immigration system, in addition to the biblical scholars and policy experts who will be sharing. I (and, if he’s able, Nazry) were asked to travel to Ohio and briefly share our story as part of the conference!

So keep praying that God continues to use our story to bring light to this dark, broken system. And that we are swift to hear his prompting us in whatever direction he wants us to go.

I’ve been asked to also write a guest blog for UnDocumented.tv (a media-driven, culture-shaping movement seeking to inspire and mobilize young Evangelical Christians towards championing the needs of immigrants)– and I’m pretty nervous. I’m praying that I will hear exactly what it is God wants me to share!

Naz has been asked to share his experience in the detention center with PBS FRONTLINE and also Brave New Foundation. He will be doing this straight from the inside. Keep him in your prayers, that he is able to accurately describe the conditions there and the injustices he faces and witnesses daily.

We appreciate you all! Don’t forget to send us a pic of you in your FREE NAZ shirt, and keep spreading the word!

Much LOVE,

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