Thank you, Russel Kanning!

Check this out! Someone we’ve never met [Russel Kanning] was arrested in Waco for chalking “FREE NAZ” on a federal courthouse! Now that’s raising awareness!!! Of course, the chalk can simply be washed off, but Russel remains in custody on the federal charge of “willfully damaging US Property of an amount not exceeding $1000.″

**Update- Russell was released yesterday, July 12th after spending an unnecessary additional night in jail because the judge’s office “didn’t get his paperwork to the jail” after the judged ruled for him to be released. His wife, Kat, had to go back and forth between the jail and federal courthouse to get things taken care of and her husband released. And to top it off, the guards at the jail also stole his wedding ring and shoe laces…how mean-spirited!

Click on the image below to read the full story.

Jack Harwell Detention Center
Russell Kanning
3101 Marlin Hwy
Waco, TX 76705

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  1. You are welcome. Hearing your story was too much for me to stand by any longer and let the Feds detain all those people.

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