Thank you!

You all are WONDERFUL! thank you so much for your activism, and your hunger for justice! we (unless native American) are all descendants of immigrants who made a courageous transition to the US and we are simply reaping the benefits of their actions! Not ONE of us is responsible for being a natural-born American! We are simply blessed that God chose us to be so!! None of us in the womb said, “Dear mom, please give birth to me in the U.S. I think that would be best. Thank you.” LOL.
Naz and I are so humbled and grateful for the BIG LOVE you have shown us! We have God-given dreams for this community, and the Lord will see it to fruition. The “Hope Home” will be a place for troubled, addicted, or orphaned teens to find refuge, family, healing, education, and growth. I believe that Waco needs it desperately and God wants it too! The enemy, Satan, wants to steal, kill, and destroy this dream because of the many young lives that will be plucked from his grasp. But GOD WINS!!

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