We need Support Letters!!

Friends, colleagues, and family:

We need your help for Naz to be able to come home!

This is what we need:

A SHORT, concise letter.

For it to be relevant and effective, include all of these points, please.

-Your name
-How long you’ve known Naz (Muhammad Mustakim)
-HOW you know him

-You also must mention these:
1)request that he be granted “withholding of removal.”
2)that he is not dangerous or a threat
3)that he is an asset our community
4)That you personally vouch for his character and true rehabilitation

THE MORE LETTERS, THE BETTER!!! Send them ASAP! Today, even!!

We cannot do it without you. Can you imagine seeing his precious face at CUB, NA, on Facebook? Lol. I can!!! God has already settled it in our hearts, and we just need to band together to see this happen. With over 800 people in our Facebook group alone, I know that at least 400 of you know/have met Naz personally. Imagine how IMPACTFUL it would be for our attorney to present 400 letters to the judge at Naz’s hearing?!!

We appreciate you so much. We can do this!!

Much LOVE,
Hope & Naz

Mail Letters to:
Law Offices of Pascual Madrigal
9504 N IH 35, Ste. 316
San Antonio, TX 78233

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  1. Carlton Willis says:


  2. Warner Balfa says:

    Hope I really do not know what to write but I will try. Love you

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